The best leaders are passionate about the vision, uncompromising about the values, disciplined about the strategy and have the ability to inspire people through their own personal example. They are quite clear about the difference they want to make.

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About us

   Terry Lee & Associates Pty Ltd (trading as Leadership Psychology Australia) is a leadership consulting group integrating psychological insights with management expertise to develop authentic leaders, transformational change and high performance learning cultures. 

Authenticity in leadership

“There has been a significant decline in trust in leaders, institutions and government globally. People want leaders who are authentic and don’t trust or respect leaders who are not authentic. To be authentic is to be driven by a deep sense of purpose. To be a leader is to inspire people to achieve their potential. It is leaders who are unleashing both purpose and potential who are transforming our organisations today. The essence of authenticity is in being who you are, and being genuinely in the service of others.”

Everyone a leader

“Leadership is no longer just a role, a title or a position. Leadership is a human capability – something we all exhibit, as a quality of being human. It is who we are, what we stand for, what we do and don’t do. We all lead our lives – we may not do it very well – but we all make decision and choices that have consequences. Positional leaders provide strategy, but everyone creates the conditions for success. No team can succeed today unless all members are contributing.”

Transforming culture to reflect new strategic realities

“The challenge for the current generation of leaders is to take what is, and to transform it, so that it is future fit. Cultures don’t change easily, but they do change over time. It takes human intervention to make sure that the change is in the right direction. Make no mistake change by design is difficult, but it is far better than change by default, which too often proves fatal.”

Building a great senior leadership team

“Many senior teams are overwhelmed with projects and activity, and so make little time to reflect, to learn, and think together about the future. In a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous people can get tired, anxious and distracted, so managers need to provide greater leadership for them.  It is through purpose, and empowerment that leaders get high engagement,ownership and performance from their teams”

Discover what leadership works best for you

“No organisation can build a unique culture, with leaders who are truly generic. There is no off the shelf template for distinctive leadership. Certainly there are guidelines for what good leaders do, but these need to be enacted within the context of the organisational culture. If the right leadership is not grown carefully, what emerges may embed long term dysfunction within.”

Some companies we are working with to build their own distinctive leadership and culture

Bunnings Warehouse – High Involvement Leadership

CSL – Everyone a Leader

PWC – Evolve

Wilson Group – Group Leadership Program

Tabcorp – Creating The High Performance Organisation

Fuji Xerox – Breakthrough leadership

Honda – Personal Leadership Program

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