The best leaders are passionate about the vision, uncompromising about the values, disciplined about the strategy and have the ability to inspire people through their own personal example. They are quite clear about the difference they want to make.

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Building leadership capability in China

Leadership Psychology in China.
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A range of assessment instruments which can be administered online and delivered globally in all major languages.

Leadership development

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The most widely used psychological instrument in the world to tap a person’s approach to leadership, change and relationship

Hogan Personality and leadership Inventories

Excellent profiles for executive coaching including Hogan Personality Inventory, Motives, values, preferences Inventory, Hogan development Survey


Survey to understand interpersonal behaviours which are critical to team development

360 degree Feedback

The Leadership Practices Inventory

A well established, empirically researched tool which is used by all major business schools and consulting firms. Easily administered and a good first step to 360 degree assessment.

Center for Creative Leadership Instruments

Skillskope, Benchmarks

From the world’s leading leadership research institute, a range of highly reputable leadership instruments to suit all situations eg. Skillscope, Benchmarks.

Senior Leadership Assessment

The Denison Leadership Survey

One of the most challenging and confronting leadership surveys available based on Daniel Denison’s researching measuring leadership behaviours, strategic focus and performance outcomes.

Checklists and Surveys

We have a range of instruments we have developed to assess emotional intelligence, strategic alignment, team performance, interpersonal skills, culture, leadership strength.