The best leaders are passionate about the vision, uncompromising about the values, disciplined about the strategy and have the ability to inspire people through their own personal example. They are quite clear about the difference they want to make.

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Leadership Psychology in China.
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Leadership Psychology Australia can design and direct high impact learning and development programs for senior managers as well as customised and targeted interventions to achieve high performance results. They bring to bear the latest research and global best practices and use these as a foundation for the creation of highly interactive and challenging programs.


WESFARMERS: Senior Leadership Forum (National Program – 3 days)
Target:senior leaders from across the Group
Content:the Wesfarmers’ Way presented by CEO and key executives
Process:structured discussions and networking across the Group

THIESS: Executive Leadership Program (Global Program – 4 days)
Target:senior leaders from across the Group
Content:leadership challenges and the Thiess vision and approach
Process: syndicate teams facilitated by executives addressing key challenges

FOSTER’S GROUP: Personal Leadership Program (Global Program – 5 days)
Target: high potential leaders from across the Group
Content: personal leadership development and impact on Foster’s culture and performance
Process: building emotional intelligence and ability to influence outcomes in Fosters

CSL LIMITED: Global Executive Leadership Program (two 6 day modules)
Target: senior leaders from the Global business
Content: strategy, culture and leadership challenges for growth
Process: cross cultural, cross functional teams work on key challenges

FUJI XEROX: Regional Leadership Development Program (Global Program – 4 days)
Target: senior leaders from across the region
Content: issues of cross cultural growth, culture change and growth
Process: cross regional, cross cultural teams work on leadership challenges

BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE: Accelerated Management Development Program (two 4 day modules)
Target: business leaders from across Australia
Content: a mix of management and leadership development to drive growth
Process: identified business leaders given intensive development in the Bunnings’ way

BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE: High Involvement Leadership Program (National Program – 4 days)
Target: high potentials and young leaders
Content: exerting influence without formal authority and building social networks
Process: experiential program with dedicated senior leadership mentors

CISCO SYSTEMS: Executive Leadership Workshops
Target: senior leadership and executives
Content: personal and strategic leadership
Process: self awareness, collaboration, feedback, performance, exercises

PETER ROWLAND GROUP: Leadership Framework and Capability
Target: senior leaders from across the Group
Content: vision, strategy, culture, leadership, performance and business growth
Process: interactive workshops using real business content to develop action frameworks

Strategy is rarely the problem

Building a culture which will deliver it is the issue and this is a leadership problem. It is more about E.Q. than I.Q. It only works when you can take the vision, values and strategy to the frontline. When you can bring the culture to life. This is about empowerment and commitment - and trust.