The best leaders are passionate about the vision, uncompromising about the values, disciplined about the strategy and have the ability to inspire people through their own personal example. They are quite clear about the difference they want to make.

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Building leadership capability in China

Leadership Psychology in China.
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Leadership Psychology Australia can design and direct high impact leadership development programs as well as customised and targeted interventions to achieve transformational change and the building of new generation leaders. They bring to bear key psychological insight, a unique learning methodology and deep understanding of current strategic context across industries to create experiential programs that have real impact.


Tabcorp: Creating the high performance organisation (Australia – 6 days)
Target: high potential leaders with significant business responsibilities
Content: personal authenticity in leadership, team and culture development, learning and change
Process: learning teams, peer coaching teams, personal reflection, circles of trust, change and agility

PWC: Evolve – 2 days – non residential
Target:senior leaders from offices across Australia
Content: growing leadership capability to “build trust and solve important social problem”
Process: learning teams, peer coaching teams, app based support, technology enhanced.

Wilson Group: Wilson Leadership Program (Regional Program – 3 days)
Target: high potential leaders from across the Group
Content: building deeper leadership capability across a group of industries and embedding group values
Process: authentic leadership, trust and relationships for collaboration across group

CSL LIMITED: Executive Leadership Programs 
Target: senior leaders from the Global business
Content: strategy, culture and leadership challenges for growth
Process: cross cultural, cross functional teams work on key challenges

FUJI XEROX: Regional Leadership Development Program (Global Program – 4 days)
Target: senior leaders from across the region
Content: issues of cross cultural growth, culture change and growth
Process: cross regional, cross cultural teams work on leadership challenges

BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE: Accelerated Management Development Program (two 4 day modules)
Target: business leaders from across Australia
Content: management and leadership development and deep understanding of high involvement leadership
Process: high potential leaders given intensive development in the Bunnings’ way

Honda Corporation: Honda Leadership Program (National Program – 3 days)
Target: Leaders from dealerships and from Honda Australia
Content: personal leadership, building high performance teams, leading across Departments
Process: Keepers of the pledge, personal commitment, building high performance teams

CISCO SYSTEMS: Executive Leadership Workshops (U.S. Programs)
Target: senior leadership and executives
Content: personal and strategic leadership
Process: self awareness, collaboration, feedback, performance, exercises

There has been a significant decline in trust globally over the past decade in Institutions, Government and Corporations. Too many leaders were seen to be self serving rather than community serving. People today are seeking leaders who stand for something beyond self interest; leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say. In short they are looking for leaders who are Authentic.

It is a challenging, volatile world today for all organisations, but the challenge is less about finding the right strategy and more about building the right culture. This is a central issue of leadership, but it is not building the leadership in the few, but more building the leadership capability of the many. It is seeing the leadership potential within all as a truly distinctive human capability. It is building leadership in all people so they can step step forward to lead in the right way and at the right time when they are called upon to lead. Agility is built in team based processes, collective ownership and personal initiative.