The best leaders are passionate about the vision, uncompromising about the values, disciplined about the strategy and have the ability to inspire people through their own personal example. They are quite clear about the difference they want to make.

What's New:

Building leadership capability in China

Leadership Psychology in China.
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Here are some handouts and frameworks that we are currently using:-

Breakthrough Leadership

“Breakthrough Leadership:how leaders unlock the potential of the people they lead” on-line at or direct from us for $22 including  post. New revised edition out soon.
The Nature of Breakthrough Leaders (Chapter from book)

You can download a chapter of the new book for free.

High Involvement Leadership [32kb]

Breakthrough leadership-the fundamentals

The New Principles of Effective Leadership

Leadership Development

Make feedback an important part of your development

Improving the art of giving feedback


Building your emotional intelligence as a leader

These papers are in .pdf format and require Acrobat Reader to access them. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed there is a free download at

Terry on Leadership at Swinburne University

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Recent Publications

Just released new book: Breakthrough Leadership by Terry Lee  published by Trafford Publishing. For further details see

Also see Terry’s chapter “Culture Change Agent: leading transformational change” poc-coverin The Power of Culture, AIM (Australian Institute of Management)   published by McGraw-Hill Australia which explores in detail how to understand, assess, manage and lead culture to achieve competitive advantage.